Author: Jenny Jones

The Number 1 Reason Why I Hate Your 401K Part II

I remember sitting in a classroom about 17 years and the instructor passed around a Magazine for us to look at. On the cover was a person by the name of Ted Benna, and if you research or look him up you will see that he is called “The God Father of the 401k” or something of that nature. I wanted to add some context to the readers who are yet to listen to Part I of the Reason...

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Are Tax Free Bonds really Tax Free? Yes, Unless.

I remember about 15 years ago when I first starting studying to take the Stock brokers General License exam. It was pretty intense, it is a 6 hour exam, that you have to take blindfolded with one arm tied behind your back, with no computer, pen or paper in front of you.

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Why Taking Social Security Early Could Cost You.

Some people say that one of the biggest decisions a retiree can make is deciding on when is the right time to draw social security.  In my opinion, this is in fact, the most important decision you would make going into retirement.

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Retirement Mistakes Were Almost Made

I remember sitting down with Alma like it was yesterday. We went through all of her 401k statements and the additional money she had saved for retirement. I went back to my office and begun to input the numbers into my retirement planning software.

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