Welcome To My Retirement Exit

We know there are a lot of other websites you could have visited, but we are glad you decided to visit our retirement portal.  As our founder Jenny Jones would say, “we are not in the sales business, but we are in the education business”.  You may have been referred here by a friend, family member, co-worker, or from one of our “My Retirement Exit Boot Camps”, nevertheless, you made it to the right place.  We say the right place, because most people have questions about retirement, but do not know who to ask.  Look no further than “MyRetirement Exit” for your answers.

Quick Goals

Learn how we coached Peter to a quick debt reduction plan

Coach for Retirement

Learn how we coached Linda after her divorce

Customized Retirement

Learn how we had John and Samantha play a game to help

Lifetime Income Planning

Learn how we coached David and Tammy on their RMD and Charity Plans

Retirement facts

"Americans with a lifetime source of income from their employer is down 21%"

"14% of 70-year olds are still working full-time"

"Medicare does'nt cover assisted living"

"1 in 3 Americans have nothing saved for retirement"

"56% of Americans have less than $10,000 saved for retirement"

"22% of married couples depend solely on Social Security for retirement"

"The average Social Security Check for a retired worker is less than $1500 a month"

"All Social Security funds may be exhausted by 2033"

Retirement As A Student

We are excited to offer many opportunities for you to prepare for retirement at one of our many workshops or boot camps. You may want to learn how to strengthen your current portfolio, with a tune in from our “Building a Retirement Portfolio 101” or our award winning “Retirement Can Still Happen” workshop. We have the beginner and advance student covered with the classes we offer.

Classes to Help You Prepare for Retirement